“Turning over a new leaf”

This was our motto in 1998 when we created the GERLING Sustainable Development Project (GSDP) and moved GERLING Group of Insurance Companies into visionary fostering of sustainable development.

In 2003 we turned the leaf again and have taken over GSDP through Management Buy Out and focused our business on climatic change and carbon markets. It's in 2005 that we have launched Carbon Counterparty Credit Risks Insurance to protect buyers of carbon credits; in 2006 we bring Carbon All Risk Insurance to the market, protecting project owners and it's 2007 that we have launched Carbon Delivery Guarantee Insurance to indemnify Industry in Carbon Credits. June 30, 2006 "Independent and strong" we created CarbonRe and GSDP becomes a wholly owned subsidiary. This is the CarbonRe story based on the high profile networks, clients, partners and friends. Welcome to CarbonRe - our company, dedicated to become the world's leading risk & insurance services firm for the carbon markets!

Dirk P. Kohler, CEO CarbonRe AG

The scientific evidence is now overwhelming: climate change presents very serious global
risks, and it demands an urgent global response.
STERN REVIEW: The Economics of Climate Change



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